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Impact of cosmic object left traces in western Cuba
Some evidences of the collision, which caused a 180 kilometers crater in Yucatan Peninsula, survive wide open near El Moncada village, visible to visitors and locals.
The presence of high amounts of iridium and deformed quartz among stone blocks, are two of the proofs linked to the disaster that generated a huge blast, states Roberto Novo, environment specialist.

He also commented that after the shake, a sedimentation process of many of the materials launched to the atmosphere took place.

“The iridium is an odd material on Earth, but is very abundant in meteorites and asteroids”.

The closeness between the Island and Mexico encouraged the scientists to the search, among them, experts of the National Museum of National History of Cuba and specialist from other nations like Japan.
The traces of the alien object known as the Chicxulub meteorite were also found in Matanzas and Havana provinces, but the most spectacular view given its dimensions and easy access to the place, is at Viñales National Park.

Representatives of the world scientific community assured that the impact is partial or completely responsible of the dinosaur extinction.


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