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Adhesive Cement Produced in Sancti Spiritus Cuba
According to this factory’s director, during the industrial procedure excess materials are minimum because of the closed mixer is used. On the other hand, no water is needed, energy requirements are low and waste is recycled.

Over 30 tons of the product are manufactured here every day. A production increase is expected this year after some technological changes which will also improve the quality patterns. Besides, a concrete-like mixture (Koncresat) has been also scheduled for production.

Mortero cola adhesive cement has proved highly effective for tiling works, thus it’s a very much demanded. Nevertheless, some dehydrated variants are also being produced here like cola gris (grey cola) and cola blanco (white cola) among others.

This product is currently being commercialized in local markets while some 50 tons were exported to Caribbean countries in 2008.


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