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 House building for Cuban Hurricane Victims Gains Speed
During the same period considerable gains were also made in roofing, with some 3,000 partially affected roofs repaired, as well as the replacement of 2,466 which had been totally destroyed, an achievement made possible by the recovery of the construction material industry.

Sources from the western Cuban province highlight the contributions made by local material production facilities, which increased their efforts in view of the magnitude of the housing disaster.

A highlight of the recovery effort has been a tile factory which has been able to guarantee the production of 140 square meters a day, enough to fulfil the requirements for one and a half houses, and the output of workers producing the 15 centimeter thick Spiroll tiles used in roofs and ceilings.

Officials of the industry said their goal is to completely repair the damage caused by the hurricanes that affected the province last August and September, and cited technical improvements made in their facilities and the steady supply of raw materials as key factors in their increased output.

The province’s construction sector is also working on housing projects, including restoration but also 11 new urbanizations, three already in land preparation, and one for which the water and sewer system are being installed for a proposed 54 dwellings.


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