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Current art created in New York to be shown in Cuba
The initiative is inscribed within the program of the 10th Havana Biennial, which is to be celebrated from next March 26 onwards and it covers forty pieces created in New York by famous artists from different nationalities. Some of them are Annie Liebovitz, Uta Barth, Ernesto Pujol, Douglas Gordon and Spencer Tunick.

The Chelsea galleries represent the best artists in the United States and the district is considered one of the international centers of current art, according to specialist Abelardo Mena, who together with Albert Magnan acts as curator to the exhibition.

The exhibition will include painting, engraving and video, among other expressions and it will go through different themes and aesthetic positions that have been represented recently in the Chelsea galleries.

Mena placed the most immediate precedent of this exhibition in 1986, when the Wifredo Lam Center in Havana presented the exhibition Por encima del bloqueo (Beyond the blockade), made up by pieces from American artists.

Chelsea visits Havana, whose period of preparation, according to the specialist was about three years, will be hold open until next May 17 and it is expected that most of the participating creators will be here for its inauguration.


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