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Annual Habano Prizes will Close Cuba Cigar Festival
The Habano Festival has been attended by over 1,000 people from 73 nations of the world and represents one of the most significant scenarios for cigar lovers, cultivators, distributors and experts to discuss issues relevant to that highly demanded product and its quality.

The Annual Habano Prize was established in 1995 under the name the Habano Man of the Year.

The Cuban Premium cigar or hand-rolled is at the center of growing interest around the world in the one-week festival, which includes contests, tasting sessions, debates, visits to tobacco-leaf plantations and cigar factories, and auctions of humidors and other pieces related to cigars. The money collected in such auctions is directly donated to the Cuban health system.

Those who win the Annual Habano Prize, get a silver and granite statuette made by artist Raul Valladares, which resembles a gentleman smoking a Cuban cigar; they are also presented with a box of their favorite Cuban cigars every year and for life.

On this occasion, there are several nominees to the annual prize, who come from different countries including some US citizens who have managed to defy the travel restrictions imposed by Washington against Cuba in the 1960's.


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