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Delegates from 70 Nations Visit Havana Cigar Factories
During their tour of these facilities, visitors became acquainted with the entire production process of the worldwide popular cigars, from the moment the leaves of the aromatic plant get to the hands of rollers to the time the product is finished and ready for consumption.

Since 1966, 'El Laguito' which manufactures the famous Cohiba cigars, also produces the Trinidad brand. It has a reputation as a center which hires skilful rollers and for constantly checking the quality of the line in its diverse production stages.

The list of its cigar bands include the Especiales, Panetelas, Espléndido, Robusto and Exquisito cigar bands, besides the Siglo I, II, III, IV, V and VI lines.  

H.Upmann cigars date back to 1844, when German banker Herman H. Upmann began to use cigarette packs specially printed as promotional items for his company.

The combination was a success, so the H. Upmann brand was born and has continued to exist up to the present time, offering a wide gamut of cigar bands ranging from the Amatistas, Connoisseur number one, Coronas Major and Coronas Minor to Lonsdales, Magnum 46, Monarcas, Petit Coronas, Royal Coronas, Sir Winston and Super Coronas Upmann (I, II, y IV).  

The 11th Habano Festival will close its doors on Friday, when prizes will be awarded to best stands by categories and to the winner of the Habanos Sommelier Contest. In the evening, there will be a gala at the Pabexpo Pavilion, where the new cigar band Gran Reserva Cohiba will be presented.

Only five thousand boxes of this cigar have been produced, for a total of 75,000 units, which gives them a sense of uniqueness.


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