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Quality and Experience of Cuban Engineering Highlighted by UPADI
In statements published by the Web site of Trabajadores newspaper, Campos added that the assessment or risks and vulnerabilities in view of natural disasters is handled very well in Cuba, so the nation can transfer this knowledge to the rest of the countries in the Caribbean an in Central America, regularly hit by meteorological phenomena like hurricanes.

The Costa Rican expert highlighted the high number of Cuban women who not only have a technical educational level but also hold public offices, especially in the construction sector, which is not the case in other countries in the region.

Campos participated as special guest at the event that initiated discussion of papers on the archipelago for the 9th Ibero-American Meeting of Women Architects, Engineers and Surveyors (EIMIAA), scheduled for Loja, Ecuador, at the end of the year.

After pointing out that she loves and respects Cuba, the specialist stressed that the way infrastructures should work after the occurrence of natural disasters is a present-day issue, since "we have to help those who lost their houses and mobilize resources", she explained.

She stated that UPADI -founded 60 years ago- has, among its priorities, a technology transfer between engineers in The Americas, the establishment of sustainable construction policies and plans, and the creation of business forums.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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