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Villa Clara Cuba sugar mill among the best in the current sugar harvest
So far it has delivered 80 % of its traditional raw sugar production. In 12 days, it has milled raw material in excess of 100 % of its capacity, taking advantage of a cane potential yield above 90 and the excellent performance in other indicators of industrial efficiency.
Modesto Garcia Bermudez, the manager, affirmed that at the moment the factory is in its best shape, with a favorable tendency to rising yields.
Garcia informed that before the end of the first half of March, the factory should begin the second stage of the harvest. They are programmed to produce 5 000 tons of organic sugar, for which they will have 30 days of operations.
In the last few hours, it was informed that Antolin Lopez and Ruben del Toro became the first harvester operators in Villa Clara to cut one million arrobas* of sugar cane during the present harvest. They both work at the “Panchito Gomez Toro” sugar company of Quemado de Güines.

*(measure of weight equivalent to 11.502 kilograms)


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