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Russia in Cuban book Fair
This Friday the organising committee of the Cuban fair will make the official delivery of that condition to the authorities of that European nation, which is linked by friendship and cooperation links with Cuba.

Those relationships have now been strengthened after the visit Army General Raul Castro made to Moscow, a few weeks after the visit the Russian President Dmitri Medvedev made to the island.

A year before the start of the 19 edition of the book and reading party, the works to Project the Russian pavilion at the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress already started, as well as all the joint editorial works and coordination, indicated to AIN Valery Belov, chief of the project.

There is a great expectation among the Cuban people for the invitation made to the Russian culture, indicated the executive, who revealed that hundred of people have visited every day the Russian stand, interested in appreciate the diverse exhibition of books.

Many people, he confessed, know the language and even remember important publishing houses of our country.

Our presentation next year will be a challenge and must be strong one, declared the specialist, who said that the Cuban public has spontaneously expressed their appreciation for the Russian culture.

He explained that in September of 2009 will be the Moscow Book Fair, which has India as invited country and where Cuba is coming with a big representation of titles. In October Russia is invited to the Madrid Fair.

Titles with beautiful presentation specialised in art, politics, literature, history, scientific and children distinguish the Russian stand in this event. Among the most popular books are the Russian – Spanish dictionaries.


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