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Importance of languages to be highlighted in UNESCO in Paris
In a round table sponsored by the NOAL group in front of the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), international experts developed presentations on Cosmo vision, globalization, development and peace.

This was all done around the common language denominator; there are at the moment a total of seven thousand, of which three thousand five hundred might disappear in a short period of time if urgent measures are not undertaken.

The Cuban ambassador in UNESCO, Héctor Hernández Pardo, as the chief of the NOAL group in the UNO entity, emphasized on the aspect that many ancestral cultures, that have been historically marginalized, may also loose its languages.

“An artist recently told me: what is being prognosticated is as if all of the sudden colors would start to be eliminated from the spectrum of painters. The language is the bearer of traditions and values, that are sometimes ancient and momentous for the world,” he commented.

The diplomat considered that with the elimination of languages that are mostly spoken but have no writing, “there might disappear cultural identities that enrich diversity and the human spirit.”

On the other hand, Francoise Riviere, assistant to the general director of UNESCO for Culture, applauded the initiative of the NOAL group to promote an encounter registered within the international language year that is to end this year.

“I believe that this encounter is coming in a good moment and it might constitute a huge contribution within the initiatives to consolidate more concrete politics and strategies that would allow the preservation of the languages in the universe,” he argued.


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