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Two Stands about Cuban Cinema at the International Fair of Havana
This marked presence of ICAIC at the Cuban book feast is mainly because the Cuban film entity will be marking its 50th Anniversary this year, stated Ruiz. DVDs and film posters will be also for sale, including other articles related to the seventh art.

“Editions of books on or about cinema published in the last few years, especially those produced in 2008, will be displayed and for sale, pointed out Ruiz, who further mentioned that for such occasion all the editions of Cine Cubano (Cuban Cinema) magazine issued over the last three years will be available for interested readers.

There will be special presentations about the most recent titles by Ediciones ICAIC during the Fair, such as:

-Lagrimas en la lluvia. Critica de cine 1987-2007, by the outstanding Cuban critic Rufo Caballero, “a compendium of my articles and essay about cinema in 20 years.”

-El Cine Soviético del principio al fin (Soviet Cinema from Beginning to End), by Zoia Barash, an Ukrainian writer based in Cuba. It is a review about the film history of that nation, which includes testimonies by filmmakers and analysis of some films.

-Latitudes del margen. El cine latinoamericano ante el tercer milenio, by the cinema essayists and critics Joel del Río and Maria Caridad Cumaná, a book that deals with the Latin American film history from the assessment and definition of its main trends.

-Catálogo del cine Cubano 1897-1960 (Cuban Cinema Catalogue 1897-1960), by the experienced investigator and specialist of the Cuban Cinematheque, Maria Eulalia Douglas, a text that must be consulted by specialists and those interested in the filmmaking in the Island.

-La decadencia del imperio hollywoodense (Decline of the Hollywood Empire), by the French sociologist Hervé Ficher, a book made in close collaboration with Amazonia Film, a Venezuelan institution.

-El audiovisual y la niñez, by the Cuban specialists Pablo Ramos and Ailynn Torres, a copublication work with UNICEF.

The 18th International Book Fair which starts on February 12 at the historical and monumental complex of San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress and El Morro, located at the bay of Havana, includes a Chilean Movie Festival, country which is the guest of honor this year at the Fair.

The Festival, programmed by ICAIC, will take place in two of the main movie theaters located on the central 23 Street of the capital neighbourhood “El Vedado”.

The Chilean festival includes titles such as Subterra by Marcelo Ferrari, Se arrienda (For Rent) by Alberto Fuguet, El Desquite by Andrés Word, and El Leyton, by Gonzalo Justiniano.


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