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Latin American cultural values to be praised in Egypt
A Jesuit school found in a humble neighborhood from Cairo is being used as the venue for the 7th cultural program from the El-Nahda Asosiation, which under the title of Del Nilo al Amazonas …de colores latinos (From the Nile to the Amazon…with Latin Colors) is exhibiting until April 17, characteristic elements of the Latin American heritage.

With the contribution and participation of the Embassies from Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Brazil, as well as Spain, the initiative is aimed mainly for children and young people in whom it tries to inculcate an open mentality towards the rest of the world.

From a Cuban cigar and a Cuban guayabera shirt, going through a belt and puppets from Guatemala made out of leather and colorful fabrics from the indigenous Maya people, to Mexican heads made out of sugar shaped like skulls, the exhibition goes through the work to the western part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Also stimulating are the picture and pieces with the golden green colors from Brazil molded into the bodies of statuesque samba dancing from the carnivals of Rio and books in Arab language and Spanish by great personalities from universal literature such as Pablo Neruda and Gabriel García Márquez.

The aim of the promoters of the cultural program is to develop creativity and an analytical vision in the newer generations in order to transform reality. For that reason there are debates about cinema, theater, photography and music as well as literature.

Del Nilo al Amazonas … had a special moment with the fusion of oriental rhythms with guaguancó, jazz, son, bolero, merengue and rumba, interpreted by Tathy Salama, the only Egyptian musician to have ever won a Grammy Award an his band Al-Sharquiat and the female quintet CubanaSon.


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