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Winning Projects of  Informática 2009 Contest to Be Exhibited at the Cuban Stand
The winning projects deal with different areas, such as: Automation, Telecommunications, Technology for Health, Education and Culture, Computer Science and Scientific and Technical Development, Electronics, Computer and Operating Systems, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) and Information Security.

The jury, made up of the event’s Organizing Committee and renowned experts in the ICT activities, selected the winning projects from among 60 submissions.

Winning Projects

1. Automation for energy saving in buildings. MIC - CEDAI
2. Supervision system and Industrial Processes Control for ALBA member states, (ALBA Guardian). MIC - UCI
3. Generator Tracking System. MINBAS
4. Gas Controlling System. MINBAS
5. Autonomous Identification, Migration and Immigration Service (SAIME). MIC - UCI
6. Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in Education. MES - ISPJAE CREA
7. University Management System (SIGENU) – Software System applied in decision-making associated with teaching, sponsored by the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education. MES
8. Educational games package “Multisaber”. MINED - UCI
9. Computerization Project for Public Libraries. MINCULT - CUBARTE
10. Author system for the development of operating systems for learning on-line (SADHEA-WEB). MINED - Studies Center on Educational Software
11. Use of satellites in Radio and TV broadcasting. MIC - RADIOCUBA - ETECSA- COPEXTEL - UCI
12. The use of the ICT in structural vulnerability studies of telecommunications systems. MIC - RADIOCUBA - CUJAE
13. Virtual Information Center for ICT professionals (D’TIC). MIC - DELFOS
14. Cuban science network. CITMA - CITMATEL
15. Radars in Meteorology. CITMA - INSMET
16. Clients. MIC - Electronic Group
17. Smart Traffic lights. MIC - Electronic Group
18. Nova Operating System. MIC - UCI
19. Monitor for measuring Physiological Parameters DOCTUS VI. MIC - ICID
20. Genetic Medicine Computer System. UCI – National Genetic Medicine Center
21. Radiology Information Management System (Alas RIS). MIC - UCI
22. Computing Applications for health management. MIC - UCI
23. Antivirus and Information Security. MIC - SEGURMÁTICA


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