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Cuba Defends Social Use of InformationTechnology
Such considerations support the existence in the Caribbean island of more than 1.4 million users of computer nets, in spite of their high cost, with priority in sectors of great significance.

In accordance with Boris Moreno, Vice Minister of Information Technology and Communications, published in the national press, technology is indispensable for the progress of the nation.

The country has improved the infrastructure, with the increase of its band width last year in the exit transmission in 63 percent and in the entrance 40 percent, he pointed out.

Moreno explained that in spite of it, the satellite connection has about 180 megabytes (MB) of exit and another 302 of entrance, which is very low for the real needs, besides being an expensive connection.

In the figure of internet users people who make use of the electronic mail with national or international reach and those that navigate on Red Cuba, a national net, are counted.

The specialist stated that the most responsible politics is to privilege the collective accesses, a line that Cuba has continued and will continue to stimulate.

Those actions, he said, include enlarging the connection services in the investigation, public health, cultural, universities and other educational institutions and vital entities for the economy.

Moreno highlighted that the will exists to facilitate, as much as the technical and economic conditions permit it, a bigger access to Internet.

At the closing of December 2008, it is calculated that some 630,000 computers existed in Cuba, which gives an average of 5.6 for each 100 inhabitants, 34 percent of them in prioritized sectors.

This means a 23 percent growth compared to 2007.


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