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In Villa Clara Cuba communitarian influences in video club rooms to be consolidated during 2008
Raydamara Chirino, cultural communicator from the program in the province told AIN that there stands out the exhibition of a varied movie proposal with historical and patriotic values, together with the movie quality.

The 30 places that are to be found in the region of Villa Clara are ratified as a cultural space in places far away from the centers with the greatest presence of artistic work.

The youth video clubs from the towns of Zulueta and Guaracabuya showed examples from the work by Zaida del Río, a well known artist from Cuban visual art and Pedro Osés, primitivist painter, from Villa Clara, respectively.

In the province capitals there were also presented works by children, adolescents and adults who have initiated themselves in the world of brushes and colors and of those who develop handicraft.

The existence of groups with a well known didactic and artistic work, attracts different publics that includes children interested in the presence of clowns, lovers of music and ten stanza verses from the Cuban country side or amateurs who alternate different artistic manifestations.

In Cuba there are more than 350 locations for the youth video club program, placed even in rural areas that increase their influence in the population starting from a service that increases knowledge and aesthetic enjoyment.


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