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In Cuba World Heritage Site to be announced
The ceremony will take place related to an artistic show in the Agramonte square, the old Arms Plaza, where the last site of the Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe Villa, the current Camaguey was being born.

Dedicated to one of the first stable population nucleuses built by the Spanish in the New World, the project for the anniversary has an artistic, literary, historic, political, recreational and sport character. The program includes activities such as the symposium Challenges in the management and administration of cities and the presentation of the Network of Offices of the Historian and Preserver of the City, which groups together entities from five provinces.

Among the attractions there are also the performances of the singers Kelvis Ochoa and Rosa María Ameneiro (Rochy), on February first and second in the Workers Plaza, which is currently being remodeled, something which is also taking place in other parts of the city.

The guest list to the celebration includes personalities such as Herman Van Hoof, representative for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO). Last July, UNESCO gave the status of World Heritage Site to the oldest part of the of the urban historical center of Camaguey, the biggest one in the country and with the category of National Monument.

Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe surged in the banks of the northern Bay of Nuevitas, had its second settlement in the indigenous chieftainship of Caonao and was translated into its current location in 1528.


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