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New Production of Sugar By Products in Ciego de Avila
After putting into operation a board factory for the first time is several years, the Ministry of Sugar in Ciego de Avila will make all it sugar by-products plants operational.

The engineer Jorge Pablo Santana Hernandez, the director general of the Sugar Company in Ciego de Avila reported that due to the value of sugar by-products and other goods, the sugar sector hopes to reduce imports by more than 3 million Cuban convertible pesos (CUC).

Recently, a torula yeast factory was put into operation (with a target of 2,000 tons in 2009) at the Ciro Redondo sugar mill. Next year, a board factory will also be put on line in the neighbourhood of Primero de Enero (January 1), which has been out of service since 1994. This factory is expected to produce 3,000 cubic meters in 2009.

To this production, along with the sugar and food production, is added 10,000 hectolitres of rum and 95,000 of alcohol which should be produced at the distillery in Enrique Varona complex, which is located in the town of Falla, Chambas in Ciego de Avila.

The production of sugar by-products has been possible thanks to the remodelling in sugar mills which includes machinery restoration, a change of image and a general improvement of working conditions, with a view to the present sugarcane harvest.

According to the MINAZ data, the province of Ciego de Avila has improved its sugar plantations, which amount to 73,000 hectares, of which only 11,000 have still not been cultivated. According to future plans, this area must be sown in 2011.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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