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Job Offers a Priority in Havana
The measure includes ex convicts, integral education graduates, those leaving rehabilitation centers, HIV/AIDS patients and the physically impaired.

There is also hope to sever unemployment rates and ease the hand shortage in constructions, teaching and the police.

The undertaking involves social workers, Education and Labor and Welfare officials, the working class, Interior Ministry, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the People's Power.

74,270 people were accommodated in 99,331 jobs available until November. Just constructions remained understaffed in Plaza de la Revolucion, Old Havana, Regla, East Havana and Boyeros.

The Communist Party Provincial Committee ordinary meeting called in November to further persuade those who reject the offers or wish to remain idle.

It also grants the situation strategic importance at times when the country’s leadership calls to turn work into the top income source for the families and for the benefit of the nation.


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