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The reading of staffs constitutes one of the most significant advances in learning, fundamentally in the Higher Art Institute and other cultural centers of the country.

As blind professor Carlos Ramirez stated, music highlights among the most practiced artistic manifestations by the Cuban blind people (invidents), although the theater and literature are not behind.

The art instructors and other blind musicians of the country have taught seminars for more than 12 years to the blind people interested in cultural learning, even in other countries of the area like the Dominican Republic.

Since last year a day in homage to the bicentennial of French Louis Braille’s birthday, inventor of the famous alphabet for blind, has been celebrated.

Louis Braille (1809-1852) was only 20 years old when he presented his reading system used today by millions of visual disabled people in the entire world and, soon after, he also got known a musicography method used by them too.

The Braille is an alphabet in which one reads moving the hand from left to right, going the fingers by each line. A Braille cell consists of six points on perceptible relief to the human tact.

By means of the combination of those points, 64 different reading patterns can be formed.


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