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European NGO Helps Boost Agriculture in Cuban Province
Several cooperative units will receive the benefits of an international project by the European non-governmental organization OXFAM INTERMON with the participation of the Cuban government, that will be implemented beginning February.

Rolando Garcia, with the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Camaguey, told ACN that the European organization will contribute 300,000 Euros that will be used on agricultural programs for food production and other social efforts.

Investments will be made in the construction of facilities for the development of seedbeds, gardens for intensive agriculture, irrigation systems and also to repair the farmers' houses, and further their education.

Likewise, Cuba will contribute with national currency to the project beginning in February, according to Garcia, who stressed that its main objective was to boost agriculture in the areas surrounding the city of Camaguey, located more than 500 km to the east of Havana.


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