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 Restoration of Historic Hotels Advances in Havana
Marrero said that the ministry is restoring the buildings to their former glory by way of the Encanto Project. He cited the Plaza Hotel off the Central Park in Havana as one of the projects finished hotels.

At the end of a ceremony for the centennial of the Plaza Hotel, the minister noted its significance for Cuban tourism, backed up by a rich and long tradition that combines historical, cultural, and heritage values.

Marrero regarded the Plaza as legendary, adding that like the Sevilla, the Nacional, and similar hotels in Havana, it brings prestige to the Cuban tourism industry. He said that with the restoration work underwent by the hotel, it has achieved an even better position in the tourism market.

The minister also highlighted the experience accumulated by the hotels staff in caring for typical and original elements of times gone by. Located in Old Havana, the Plaza Hotel was inaugurated on January 3, 1909.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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