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Greek press highlights the general director of the cuban ballet Alicia Alonso statements
The general director of the BNC, Alicia Alonso, has also been acclaimed in the radio, TV and printed press of that country.

Danae Stratagali from the Helenic Broadcasting Corporation, also called the Voice of Greece, had her statements.

“I never danced to become a star, but because dance is the reason of my life. I might live 200 years and I might overpass that mark, because I will live in the teachings I give my students“.

“I have danced all over the World and I have receive many award, but the most important one is having achieved the love of my people, said Alonso. With the Revolution, our dreams were fulfilled, she said, and added: “today not a talent is lost and Cuban dance is a great explosion for all the people in the world”.

Regarding the hostility of the USA, she stated: “For years they have blockade us and I believe the first task of the coming US president is to clean the White House. We hope that, not only us, but the people of the world”.

At the same time the Radical newpaper published the statement of Alonso in an interview with the journalist Rubini Suli: "We have suffered and unjust blockade for decades, but has made us stronger”, said.

“There is only one injustice. That is what has made the Cuban people invincible. The Cuban ballet has great stars today, not a single talent is lost and, therefore, we have so many scientists, writers, musicians, painters and so on….”.

Talking to the young dancers, she advises them they must love dance very much, because it is a very hard profession. It is a combination of an athlete with an artist. The Cuban people see us as their fruit and that is the message we have taken to all the people in the world.

Current functions have won deserve warm praises for all main figures, such as Viengsay Valdés, Anette Delgado, Joel Carreño, Rómel Frómeta and Yanela Piñera among many others. They are classified as brilliant dancers, with pure technique and great expressiveness.


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