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 Holguin Cuba Gibara Wind Farm Begins Recovery Work
Héctor Lugo, deputy director of the Electric Company in Holguin, said that the main achievements of 2008 and early 2009 include the certification of Cuban operators for restarting the operations of the park.

One of the most important moments of the recovery work being carried out at the wind farm was the putting into service of the 33,000 volt output line linked to the Gibara substation, which collapsed under the winds of Hurricane Ike.

The works also includes the maintenance and cleaning of the six towers and the restoration of working conditions in the control room, including the weather equipment, computer, communications and sanitation.

Medium voltage cells in the control room were also restored, as well as the fiber optic cable for communications inside the wind farm. Still remaining to be restored is the link with the substation in the city of Gibara, some 800 kilometers east of Havana.


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