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In Las Tunas Cuba Youths Will Repeat the Passage of Victorious Caravan
With patriotic, productive, cultural, sport, and recreational activities, the people will greet the passage of the caravan whose majority of members are students from the different teaching levels.

It will also be represented by a small group of artists, scientists, sportsmen, internationalists, instructors of art, members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and of the Ministry of Interior, as well as Labor Heroes of the Republic of Cuba.

To pay homage to martyrs and participant heroes in the historical fact is the purpose of repeating the journey, for such a purpose the 50 youths exchanged with the main characters of the heroic deed of 1959 and with the historian of this city.

The caravan, coming from Holguin province, will be welcomed in Calixto, capital of the municipality Majibacoa, by a similar relay of Las Tunas, which will continue the route up to Guaimaro town, place where the journey of these youths will finish to be continued by others from the neighboring Camaguey province.


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