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Complex Economic Situation Led to Large Budget Deficit in Cuba
In the presence of Cuban President Raul Castro, Barreiro presented the government’s budget plan for the year 2009, when the international scenario is expected grow more complicated, and the island’s income has been estimated to exceed 43.7 billion dollars while government’s expenses are calculated to be more than 47.5 billion.

The minister mentioned, as a permanent goal for the coming years, to have more income than expenses, from an increase in the quality of goods and efficiency of services, while keeping a stronger control on expenditure.

She reported that 63 percent of financial resources will be used on education, health, security and social assistance. Other sectors that contribute to the quality of life of the people will also benefit from that percentage such as culture, sports, communal services, science, technology and environment.

For a back-up to the investment process, 2.935 million pesos will be allocated, which will allow the continuity of the programs related mainly to the construction of houses, healthcare facilities and to the development of the energy, water systems and the transport infrastructure.

Georgina Barreiro noted that the control of budget resources should be one of the most important instruments to boost the social and economic development reached in 2008.

She ended her statement with a call to all administrations to be more rational when managing their budgets taking into account the hard economic situation the country is currently facing.


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