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Gaelicia Celebrates 50 Years of Cuban Revolution
The celebration was organized by the Francisco Villamil Association of Galician-Cuban Friendship and the Cuban consulate in this city and it was part of a program to celebrate the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959.

A documentary film called "Cuba: Roads of Revolution" was showed here, showing moments of the entrance of Cuban revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, to Havana and his speech of January 8 in then military fortress of Columbia.

Also, José Viqueira Sende and Loyal Moncho, leaders of the Francisco Villamil Association talked about the successes of Cuba during the years of revolution and denounced the blockade of the United States against that Antillean country.

They also demanded the liberation of five antiterrorist Cuban fighters, now prisoners in US jails for 10 years.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan General Consul in the city of Vigo, David Nieves Banchs, highlighted the international solidarity practiced by Cuba, especially with the Latin American countries.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Fuentes, Cuban Consul from in Galicia, exposed a panorama on the development and achievements of Cuba in the last five decades, in spite of the hostility, the aggressions and the blockade of the United States.

Later on, he enhanced collaboration given by the island to other countries and he underlined the transcendence of the operations to return vision to more than 1.3 million people and the support in the fight against illiteracy in Venezuela and Bolivia.

Equally, he thanked the help gathered by Spaniards in favor of those damaged by the hurricanes that affected Cuba this year.


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