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Community Computer Clubs of Las Tunas Cuba Celebrate 50 Anniversary of the Revolution
Among the actions are the Festival of Free Software with specialized conferences on the topic and the multimedias, created in the province and in the country, based on universal and national historical topics.

The Festival of the Family and the Computer will reach the 29 clubs of the territory with samples of digital art and composition of texts besides that the interaction will be motivated with competitions of knowledge. It includes searches in the Red Cuba about the biographies of the martyrs of Homeland, as wll as the identification of famous personalities.

The gatherings with combatants of the liberation fights before 1959, togerther with the presentation of testimonial videos on the topic, will allow a more vivid contact of the community with the history.

There will also be celebration of collective birthdays and the children will play games of abilities with the computers, because the infants are the faithfulest public in the Community Computer Clubs of Las Tunas.


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