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National Premiere of Cuban Film Omerta
The film, by Pavel Giroud, who directed the film ‘La edad de la peseta’ (The Silly Age), repeats his eagerness to give prominence to the photography of scenes and precise dialogue, although on this occasion the challenge is centered on achieving a film noir –about the Cuba of the 1960’s.

The movie’s subject matter has not often been dealt with (the redoubt of a mafia trying to survive after its main bosses took flight).

Worth mentioning especially are the leading role of Manuel Porto, who plays the part of Rolo Santos, and of Yadier Fernández, known in soap operas and short stories shown on Cuban television- in the role of Yoyo.

‘Omertá’ won the Vigía Prize granted by the Festival’s sub-venue –central Matanzas province.

Also during the Festival, Giroud was rewarded for his script of ‘El acompañante’, with funding for its production, to the extent that it may be shown at a future festival.


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