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Documentary about Cuba by the Argentinean Carolina Silvestre to be screened in Mexico
In the screening of documentary there was Magalys Llort, the mother of Fernando González, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters imprisoned in the United States.

Llort, in the introduction to the presentation of the piece, pointed out that these young Cubans are still in US prisons, even though it has been proven that they haven’t committed the supposed crimes that have been attributed to them.

She also highlighted that in the cases of Gerardo Hernández and René González, they have been deprived during these ten long years that they have been imprisoned of being visited by their wives.

A deputy to the National Assembly of her country, Llort assured that this is a violation of human rights by the nation that proclaims the fulfillment of that practice the most.

In the screening there was also present the Cuban Ambassador in Mexico, Manuel Aguilera.

The documentary includes the intervention of the Cuban Foreign Relation Minister, Felipe Perez Roque, as well as the president of the National Assembly of the Cuban Peoples Power, Ricardo Alarcón, as well as the recently deceased scholar and juror Julio Fernández Bulté.

Carolina Silvestre, covers through interviews, during the 93 minutes of the documentary, the entire campaign orchestrated by the United States government and the anti-Cuban power groups from Miami, on the supposed violations of human rights in the Caribbean nation.


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