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A Series about Cuban Music on Spanish Television
“The project, directed by Spanish Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, deals with highlights little-known music styles and rhythms like Afro Cuban jazz, filin and the fusion of the son and the guajira songs,” reported the website of the Spanish daily El País. The project consists of a series of four documentaries, 50 minute-long each, by an equal number of Cuban filmmakers.

It includes also a fifth documentary by Gutiérrez Aragón himself entitled ´Música para vivir’, which is based on his opinion that in Cuba ‘music is not just that, but a way of life and of understanding the world.’

The first three documentaries of the series, produced jointly by Spain’s Antillana de Comunicación, TVE and the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), will be screened here in Havana in the framework of the 30th New Latin American Film Festival.

The documentary by Gutierrez Aragón features dancers of the Cuban company Santa Amalia, formed by a group of friends with a 60 year-long history of spontaneous get-togethers to dance jazz music.

The Spanish filmmaker shot his documentary last February here in Havana in collaboration with pianist Chucho Valdés and singer song-writer Pablo Milanés.


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