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Camaguey Province increases exportations during 2008
To expand national production in order to avoid foreign commerce expenses is a strategy followed by Cuban authorities, easy to understand under the present economic circumstances: more than 80 million pesos have been spent so far, four times higher than in 2006.

Several organizations and institutions have already accomplished outstanding results; Ministry of Agriculture, which has saved more than 45 millions, is probably the best of all.

Camagüey Province has been able to export goods totalizing around 60 millions in the World Market; Sugar Industry, Agriculture, Transportation and Foreign Commerce increased their presence regarding last year.

Inner hard currency market was supplied with competitive-quality national products up to 44.4 per cent of the total, much better than the 35.4 per cent achieved last year.

These results are backed by a better management of the business opportunities and closer negotiation rounds between shops and supplier officials.

Government and political authorities in Camagüey consider there is still some potential to develop both economic aspects despite the criminal financial and commercial blockade imposed by the US government on Cuba for nearly five decades.


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