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New effort of Santiago de Cuba in food production
This modality uses the latest technology, which protects the plantations from bugs, pests and hostile weather. It can obtain annual yields of up to 125 tons per hectare with first quality products. Part of them is meant to meet the demands of tourism and the rest is allocated to the local population, as Santiago de Cuba Department of Agriculture has attained so far.
139 houses currently produce food in this innovative way in the whole province. 95 grow tomato; 23 cultivate pepper; 20 grow cucumber and one grows string-beans, carrots, sugar beet, lettuce, cabbage, quimbombo, spinach and radish, among other crops.
Around 310 male and female workers tend to 864 stoned furrows spread across 4, 5 hectares sheltered by the houses of semi-protected crops. Their fees are linked to the productive results.
This innovative project is part of the country’s strategy to counter the world crisis that has such a direct impact in food rising prices. Santiago de Cuba delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture is in charge of recovering swine and poultry production, cattle herds, sheep and goats flocks and root-crops and grains plantations.
Engineer Misael Enamorado, Politburo member, Rolando Yero. President of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power and Joaquin Perna, national director of the “Fruti-Flora” Company, under the Ministry of Agriculture presided over the official opening of the 30 new houses of protected and semi-protected cultivation in Canasi Valley.




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