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Tiles and beams for housing in the province of Ciego de Avila Cuba
This entity, from the Steel and Mechanical Industry  organization, produced the first 79 covers and plans to process over 500 tons of that galvanized material.

To assume the commitment, the group of innovators and rationalizers of the Indalecio Montejo industry adapted the line which produced pipes to build the beams.

Before the end of the year, the ridges required by those houses will also be built in this industry, thus completing the cover components, as the entity already has the necessary screws to fix the pieces, stated Fernándo Fernandez.

The Indalecio Montejo enterprise also produces polyethylene pipes strengthened with glass fiber for drinking water pipelines, cooling systems for power plants and tanks of various sizes to store fluids.

These actions are part of the measures which  would directly benefit the Cuban people in their endeavors to reanimate house building in the country.


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