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The planting of potatoes started in Havana Province
After a good soil preparation, Havana Province farmers will plant the potato seedlings and will fertilize and irrigate the plantations.
In that sense, engineer Julio Gomez Moldon, local delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the current campaign has much more resources than in the past. All the gear and spare parts to repair agricultural machinery and implements is available. There are also technological packages consisting of chemical fertilizers, with iron, phosphorus and potassium, very necessary for crops growth.
The campaign was opened in Alquizar and other territories, like Güines, Melena del Sur, Batabano, Quivican and Güira de Melena will eventually join. The last one is known as the capital of potato in Cuba, because of its remarkable productions and yields.  
By the way, the agricultural executive said that yields are expected to exceed 44 quintals per hectare, because conditions have been created to that end.
Havana Province is the highest producer of the so-called queen of root-crops.  For instance, one of its municipalities - Güira de Melena - produces more potatoes than 5 provinces together. Likewise, the territory is in charge of storing the crops in refrigerated warehouses after the harvest to ensure domestic supplies and export programs. (Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)


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