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Cubans Turn out in Mass for Voluntary Work
“In addition to the symbolism of the unity and integration involved in marching united toward those places most in need, what can be done is infinite when the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC) and the workers movement join together in the tasks of post-hurricane recovery.”

This was affirmed on Saturday by the general secretary of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC), Salvador Valdes Mesa, during a day of voluntary work in the town of Batabanó, where hundreds of workers, students and farmers participated. The same idea was taken to the provinces focusing on agricultural work and other activities essential to recover from damage caused by recent hurricanes.

For this reason, the CTC and the UJC have summoned their members to participate in voluntary work throughout the year. This will mark the 50th anniversary of the first such effort, which was organized by Ernesto “Che” Guevara in November 1959.

Valdes noted that the effort displayed will encourage people to work and dignify their effort.

Julio Martínez Ramirez, the first secretary of the UJC, said this task calls for “daily efficiency in the places we work.” There will be seven mass calls, but each UJC or CTC committee will organize voluntary work in which efficiency and rationality will be the focus.

Ramirez said, “If we work hard we will succeed and obey Raúl Castro’s call to do only what is necessary.”

Jesus Ramón Zamora, a member of the “50th Anniversary of the Revolution Youth Brigade,” said, “Today, workers, farmers and students are joining together to build up a new Cuba,” referring to Che’s words.

Several UJC members were awarded for their work in contributing to food production in the wake of hurricanes Ike and Gustav.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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