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In Cuba Notable Contribution of Las Tunas to Cuban Metalwork
Several technological actions performed by a group of specialists of the "Israel Santos" Metal Production Company (DURALMET) have made these results possible. A new production line for cutting galvanized coils was designed by the specialists of this company.
This technology is essential to produce such elements as strips, hinges and frames used in the manufacture of windows. The productivity of the company was increased fivefold thanks to the application of this technology, which also helped to humanize the work.
The application of this important technology was described in one scientific paper that the province of Las Tunas will represent at the National Forum of Science and Technology.
One of the most important advantages of this technology is that it saves money for the country's economy. Only 17,000 convertible pesos were invested for its implementation.
The production of DURALMET Company is distributed throughout the country. Apart form producing metal windows, it also manufactures doors and louvers, essential elements to build and repair houses, schools and other works which have priority in the country.

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