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The Spanish edition of the book Cuba Galicia and Che was presented in Argentina
In the ceremony, hosted at the site of the Galician Federation of Argentina participated as a special guest Oscar Fernandez Mell, commander of the Ejercito Rebelde, doctor of Che Guevara’s column and friend of the historic guerrilla.

The book, which was already publish in Galician, was introduced by Francisco Lores, president of the Federation, who highlighted the presence of the Cuban guest, as well as Carlos "Calica" Ferrer, friend from Che’s childhood and partner in his second trip through Latin America.

He said that the Galician immigration to the subcontinent, with greater force in Argentina and Cuba, had many fighters for democracy, freedom and dignity that made real their ideals here.

Lores reminded of the existence here of a clandestine cell which supported the insurrectional fight in Cuba headed by Fidel Castro, recognized by a telegram from the 26th of July Movement Direction.

The author of the book, born in Galicia in 1953, emigrated at the age of two with his parents to Argentina and returned to his homeland in 1990, expressed that the work is an attempt to compile the history of Galicians and their descendents along with the participation of the Cuban Revolution.

Ferrer referred to the ties of the Guevara family with Galicia, after choosing Carmen Arias to take care of the small Ernesto, and their passion for the Spanish Republic, whose happiness and sour moments they shared with immigrants of the Alta Gracia community.

Fernandez Mell, after highlighting the contribution of the emigration before and after the revolutionary triumph of 1959 to Cuban culture, in particular to the development of radio and television, referred to the participation of many of his descendents in the guerrilla fight.

Also, he talked about the life of Che, his time as commander of a column, the revolutionary victory, his moments as a Cuban leader and the guerrilla times in Congo and Bolivia.


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