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Fishing Tournament Celebrates Anniversary of Tour Destination in Cuba
The event, with the characteristics of a preparation edition, gathered 5 teams with 11 contenders, representing Canada, UK, and the Cuban Coco and Guillermo keys.

After three and a half days, the five boats had made a total 29 captures, including 16 marlins and 12 dorados, whose weights ranged between 30 to 50 ponds, which experts considered as flattering figures.

Coco Diving boat, representing Jardines del Rey, won the contest by points, and it also made the biggest capture, followed by Marlin 8 and Marlin 12 teams.

Juan Miguel Romero Sanchez, commercial director of the Jardines del Rey Marlin Nautical and Marina, highlighted that the event had exploratory characteristics, in order to confirm the variety and amount of species in the area.

The jury and regulations of the event established that the minimum size for the captures was one meter in order to preserve the young specimens.

The meeting, said Romero Snachez, showed the potential of the region for coming official competitions, which will take place from now on yearly basis, always in October. (acn)


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