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 Tribute at the Sauto theatre to a famous Cuban dramatist
The Sauto theatre, National Monument, presented the recent premiere of this group that is currently working in Union de Reyes and recognised the artistic and intellectual work for over 30 years of Vera and of Wilfredo Mesa, a charismatic and versatile actor of the group.

The presentation, original play of the Chilean creator Jorge Diaz, is another demonstration of the sustained effort of Vera to get closer and propose the public the most valuable tendencies of the universal drama.

This man, considered in the theatre world, as the person who has spread the work of his famous compatriot Abelardo Estorino, National Literature and Theatre Award winner, is also famous for the formation of young actors, for whom D Sur is a permanent school.

María Antonia Simeón, specialist of the Matanzas Council of Stage Arts, qualified Vera as the smiling man, willing always to join from his immensity the exchange and the wisdom reached after working with texts that has high dramatic capabilities.

Teatro D Sur, with several theatre awards, is preparing a work made by the young Cuban dramatist Ulises Rodríguez Febles. This piece will be premiered before the end of the year, as a tribute to Jose Marti.


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