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Cuba Graduates Latest Crop of Technicians
Close to 1,800 young people from different universities and technical schools across Cuba will soon begin working under the Ministry of Basic Industry (MINBAS). “This constitutes an important injection of fresh blood, enthusiasm and new ideas,” said agency head Yadira García Vera.

During the graduation, celebrated in the newly renovated Camilo Cienfuegos Oil Refinery in the port city of Cienfuegos, García Vera highlighted the fact that the great majority of those who graduated in technical careers will move into highly demanded fields.

Four hundred university graduates and close to fourteen-hundred matriculating technical students will now be part of the new generation of a sector in which the government has made substantial important investment and renovation – with a very strong commitment to the energy industry, said the minister.

She urged the entering professionals to go through training programs within their new jobs, as she encouraged their rotation in different areas and their integral preparation so that they can improve their capacities.

Nearly 100 of the graduates are from Cienfuegos, and have already been assigned to the local oil refinery, a petrochemical complex, the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes thermoelectric plant and the Damují paper factory.

Similar MINBAS graduation ceremonies occurred yesterday in other locales across the country.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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