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In Santiago de Cuba Flagship Santiago Hotel Gets a Facelift
The remodelling, which began in June, will include all of the hotel's areas, including the kitchen, pool, and restaurants, as well as the carpeting of all floors and rooms, substantial changes to the lobby, and the refurnishing of rooms and bathrooms with new TVs, mattresses, air conditioning.

The remodelling also aims to allow the provision of better service during the upcoming high season, which will start at the end of November - with clients from France, Spain, Germany and Italy being the most regular markets.

The managers said they are also working to provide two entire floors with exclusive VIP service, a tourist amenity that brings in higher returns, given that the guests pay more for much more personalized treatment. Likewise, the personnel are receiving refresher courses related to upcoming events, such as the CARICOM Summit set for December.

The management expressed their gratitude to authorities of the Ministry of Tourism, the government and the Cuban Communist Party of the province for their unconditional support in the remodelling of the hotel. They pointed out that the effort has benefited from the participation of a number of companies, such as Gecons, Cometal, Frioclima, Emprestur, ITH, Cubiza, Cubanacan and D´Obras have.

Of its 277 employees, 33 percent have worked at the hotel since its opening, while another 30 percent have worked there since 1998. The average age of the employees is 30.

This year the 302-room hotel has achieved a 50.11 percent overall occupancy rate.

Since its opening, the hotel has hosted the most important economic, political and social events that have taken place in Santiago de Cuba, such as the visits of Pope Juan Pablo II; the presidents of Vietnam, Benin, and Venezuela; and the signing of ALBA agreements.

The managers said the personnel work with the philosophy of "not doing extraordinary things, but to do things extraordinarily well," based on receiving clients and seeing them off as friends.

The Melia Santiago Hotel is one of the five-star urban hotels in Cuba run by the Spanish Melia hotel chain.


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