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Cuban Museum Promotes Rapprochement with Muslim Culture
The book will be exhibited through October in this facility thanks to its loan by Gladis Jatib, daughter of Lebanese businessman Alejandro Jatib Jatib, who lived in Cuba from 1927 until his death a couple of years ago.

The Koran consists of 114 chapters of varying lengths, each known as a “sura.” Chapter titles are derived from a name or quality discussed in the text, or from the first letters or words of the sura.

Generally, longer chapters appear earlier in the Koran, while the shorter ones appear later; the chapter arrangement is thus not connected to the sequence of the revelation.

Each sura, with the exception of one, commences with a “Basmala,” an Arabic phrase meaning "In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful."

The Managua Museum contributes to the cultural enrichment of all ages of people in this municipality, with several activities held on regular basis, explained Yulieyka Echemendia, who runs the museum.


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