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The Cuban footballer Erick Hernandez to Go for World Record in Ball Handling
Cuban footballer Erick Hernández is aiming for a record in bouncing a ball on his head for 30 seconds. The attempt will take place tomorrow in the El Pirata hall of Club Habana.

Currently, Hernández shares the record of this endeavor —164 bounces— with Norwegian Mathías Jensen. His goal now is to make 180 contacts with the ball, which would be equivalent to six a second.

“I’ve trained seriously for this next attempt. I worked with weights, especially to ‘train’ the lower neck muscles,” he explained.

The capital city resident holds several records in difficult performances of ball handling; among them stand out the most bounces in one minute (319), over a hundred meter distance (17:83 seconds), the marathon (7:17 hours), and most ball over using the entire body (19:10 hours).


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