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Japanese Company Shoots Film on Missile Crises in Cuba
The Japanese group visited the Soviet R-12 missile launching ramp that was set up near the town of San Cristobal in October 1962. It was then that the “world stood on the brink of holocaust," noted Cuban writer Tomas Diez.
The missile deployment sites have been preserved and are currently regarded as national landmarks.
In addition to giving a perspective of the Missile Crises —called the “October Crisis” in Cuba— the Japanese company seeks to overview of the advances made by the Cuban Revolution, particularly in education and healthcare.
It will also show images of the effects of hurricanes Gustav and Ike after their recent passages through the island’s westernmost province of Pinar del Río.
The filming by the Tokyo Broadcasting System crew, which began shooting on September 22 and will conclude on October 1, is being carried out in collaboration with Mundo Latino Studios, the International Press Center and the Cuban Foreign Ministry.


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