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Cuban documentary of poorly known rituals in the country to be premiered
Under the direction of Arturo Sotto, the tape Bretón es un bebé (Bretón is a baby) shows different social and cultural events that mark the customs of different Cuban regions and are part of a series that reflects aspects of the idiosyncrasy of the Latin American people.

In a press conference, after its screening, Sotto said that his intention is to reflect different things ignored by the majority of the people of the country, specially in the provinces.

I should have named it The Cubans, but I preferred to use an analogy with the French writer André Bretón, main promoter of the surrealist trend of the twentieth century, he explained.

The movie deals from a voodoo ceremony, in a Haitian settlement in Sabicú, in the central province of Ciego de Avila, to a Catholic procession that pays tribute to a victim of a love crime from the nineteenth century in the Eastern city of Camagüey, which has become a legend.

There are also the rituals of a group of aboriginal descendants headed by Panchito, their current cacique, that are based on the use of tobacco smoke in invoke their ancestors.

The documentary is sponsored by Televisión América Latina (Latin America Television), from Brazil and the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos. (Cuban Institute for the Arts and Movie Industry).


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