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Cuba Can Resist Capitalist Crisis
"If a country has conditions to resist this crisis and to continue to move ahead, that is Cuba, because we have resisted the 50-year-old blockade," Martinez told Prensa Latina.

We are in a highly-globalized economy, said the lawmaker, adding that no nation will be out of a situation that is becoming bigger than the so-called great depression of 1929-1933.

Due to our limited relations with the United State as a result of its blockade of the island, we can say that it will not affect us directly, said Martinez, who is also the director of the World Economy Research Center.

It is too soon to know when it will affect us, but the prices of our exports are likely to decrease, although many of our imports will be cheaper too, the economist said. The US crisis is severe and no one can predict when it will get worse, or how long it will last, Martinez added.

Speaking about Latin America's situation, the Cuban lawmaker highlighted the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), because "it will counter those phenomena caused by big power centers."

Food and energy initiative in the ALBA framework contribute to drawing up a Latin America that is capable of defending its unity against those big shakes caused by the international capitalist system, he pointed out.

In reference to the damage caused by hurricanes Gustav and Ike in Cuba, Martinez recalled that havoc is considerable, especially in housing and agriculture.

We have received international collaboration that is very valuable, but the decisive weight in recuperation is on us, on making maximum use of each resource, he said in reference to five billion dollars in losses caused by the hurricanes, according to preliminary statistics.

However, we have also seen the huge solidarity that these hurricanes have brought up, said the Cuban parliamentarian, adding that many families who lost their houses are still living in the homes of neighbors, friends and relatives.


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