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 Cuba Beats US at WTO
Addressing the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of the WTO, Cuban minister-counselor in Geneva Jorge Ferrer technically analyzed Washington's double speech as for the issue.

Section 211 attacks the registration of the island's upper end brands, which play an important macro-economic function, in the case of the Bacardi Company that sold a rum with the Cuban brand HAVANA CLUB.

The diplomat recalled that the Appeal Body, a final entity of the jurisdictional stage, proved in a 2002 report that Section 211, which in October will mark 10 years of being promulgated, is incompatible with principles of the world trade system.

"The United States still does not respect its obligations. The principle of pacta sunt servanda, establishing that every treaty has the force of law for other parties and must be considered inviolable, is still ignored," he noted.

The diplomat stressed that when a WTO member does not fulfill what has been established, that obliges a process to solve the controversy.

Ferrer and Havana ambassador Juan Antonio Fernandez have considered in previous speeches this issue as an act of falsification, permitted and promoted in US territory.


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