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La Colmenita Cubans Children Theater Company Performs for Hurricane Victims
Claribel wears her hair loose and doesn't know how to stop smiling. The roof of her house was taken away by a gust of wind and the walls gave in to the current. Like her, dozens of families suffered material losses in this part of Pinar del Rio, which, in a ten-day period, witnessed two hurricanes cross its territory to leave the archipelago.

"I think they like to come through Sanguily in route to the sea," said one resident. "The important thing is that whatever the amount —two, five, or ten hurricanes, we won't give in," says Claribel, while completing preparations for the performance of the Cuban children's group La Colmenita (the little beehive), a UNESCO goodwill ambassador.

These child actors and actresses of the company directed by Carlos Alberto Cremata have come from Havana to share their art with the children of this community of La Palma municipality as well as the adults, because there will be revelry for all ages. It's the first of two Saturday presentations; in the afternoon, they will cover the 11 kilometers separating them from the municipal seat.

The troupe interprets a variety of music genres while performing Little Red Riding Hood. Although it's a very well-known fairy tale, the imaginative production won the hearts of the spectators, as if it were a premiere.

"They don't act, they play and have fun", comments Cremata, the owner of the pedagogical tools that make his group be an example of artistic and human commitment.

Over the weekend, La Colmenita, divided into four brigades and made 16 open-air presentations in Pinar del Rio communities.

Before the departure of the troupe on Saturday, Culture Minister Abel Prieto, who accompanied them in this cultural expedition, told them that many children in Pinar del Río, who will be part of the audience, had had to receive the first classes of their school year at houses and portals in the neighborhood, given the damage caused to schools by the hurricanes.

At La Palma, the audience never knew when the performance ended. "It's not something forced —clarifies Cremata—, it flows naturally. Without changing their costumes our children mingled with the public, shared their experiences, and exchanged addresses and telephone numbers. More than art, we're interested in creating a participatory environment, full of solidarity."

Deputy Culture Minister Abel Acosta said, "What La Colmenita is doing is part of the spirit of hundreds of Cuban artists, who have joined recovery tasks in the country with their talent."

Other artists are sharing their art with the people from Pinar del Río: Pedro Pablo Oliva, Humberto Hernández and other painters are contributing to the restoration of Candelaria's park, and are preparing an exhibition of some of their pieces, which will include sales to collect funds destined to recovery.

All contributions are welcomed. Now basic needs are taken care of, construction efforts are organized so normality returns to these territories devastated by two hurricanes as soon as possible. Perhaps, tomorrow, the epic of these days will be reflected in verses by Miguel Barnet or Victor Fowler, in the lyrics of a song by Jorge Gomez o in the prose of Laidi Fernandez de Juan, who are also participating in these visits.

But in the memory of years to come, for the women, men and children in Manuel Sanguily and La Palma there will be a space for La Colmenita and the joy it brought to them in days of despair.


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