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Food Production: A Priority for Cuban Farmers
Alberto Alvarez, one of the over 250 citizens who have requested lands in this eastern Cuban province said the lands on the offer are not being exploited and are infected with weeds.

Alvarez made his request for land at the Municipal Agriculture Office the first day that the decree law was put into force. There were many petitions for lands at the local office in Camaguey, where over 50 persons were waiting in line on Wednesday to issue their applications.

Alvarez requested 13.40 hectares of idle lands located on the northern outskirts of the city of Camaguey. If his petition is accepted, he said he will cultivate root and fresh vegetables for household consumption, for the local food market and social centers, like hospitals and schools.

Gladys Rodriguez, who currently owns 10 hectares of land also showed up at the office with her husband to request more land. She said she wants to further develop livestock and several crops.

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