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In Cuba Some 140 schools of the province of Las Tunas restarted the school year 2008-2009
Officials of the Ministry of Education in the territory, 690 kilometers to the east of Havana, asserted that although the attendance to the schools was relatively low, the opening of those centers helped to the self training of the teaching staff and to reorganize the educational process.

Gladys Vazquez Figueroa, director of Education in Las Tunas, told Tiempo21 that more than 56 percent of those 737 facilities of the General Teaching in the eight municipalities suffered damages, while thirty of them were completely destroyed.

As in the whole country, in this eastern territory, the classes will restart officially next Monday, but it is considered that several weeks will be needed to stabilize the school year, in dependence of the speed of recovery in each teritory.

Cuba was battered last day 30 by hurricane Gustav, which razed the province of Pinar del Rio and the Isle of Youth, in the western region, and was strongly affected last weekend by Ike, another hurricane of huge intensity that caused serious affectations in the whole nation.


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